Fire, smoke and sparks are an everyday occurrence at my job! Each knife made one at a time. That’s what happens in my shop. What do you get when you purchase a knife from Ely Knives and Silver?  A one of a kind high quality knife made just for you, that will last a lifetime! From tip to tip, all the parts to my knives are created, shaped and finished in my shop. No pre purchased pieces. Steel is sourced according to the customer’s wishes. Maybe from a coil spring, possibly an old leaf spring or maybe the newest knife steel on the market. High carbon steel or stainless steel…..you choose.   When you purchase a knife from Ely Knives and Silver you are purchasing a knife that will serve you each time you pick it up. If you want a hunting knife for your next outdoor adventure, a tool to carry on your side every day, or a chef’s knife to cut up the evening vegetables you can find it here.


The crowning touch on each knife seems to be the handle so I offer handles sculpted in everything from high quality burls, horn material, woods personally retrieved from the Caribbean, high color man made products or a block cut from an Osage orange fence post that lined the pastures of the prairie.


Stock Removal Method of making a knives is the modern method used for most knives made today in the knife industry. It is simply the process of grinding or cutting away all material from a piece of metal to obtain the knife shape you desire. The “knife blank” is then ground with successively finer grits, holes are drilled, before the blade is put through various heat treatments. Next the handle is applied and the knife is sharpened.


By forging a knife, heat and force are applied to a piece of steel to obtain a basic shape of a knife. This usually results In finer grain structure and a better quality knife. Similar steps are taken from this point on as in the stock removal method.


All heat treating is done in my shop with a computerized kiln to reach the exact temperatures necessary for proper heat treating.


My knife sheathes are made by John Ballard of Ballard’s Custom Saddlery, Joplin Mo. John is a one of a kind good man that is an amazing leather craftsman. He makes everything from knife sheathes, to gun scabbards, to holsters, to leather belts. Everything from his shop is top quality.


I have two methods of creating a blade. One is to use a flat piece of steel to create a profile and finished knife. The second is to hand forge and hammer out a knife from my forge. The forging method allows for more imagination and creativity. I especially love to leave hammer marks in the finished blade as it leaves a more artistic piece when complete.

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