In 2015 a collaborative effort was offered to me by the owner of Bell and Hat Straight Razors, Dr. Bob Carter. Bob came to me with the vision of using aritsans to create one of a kind shaving products for the gentleman interested in the old fashioned way of personal shaving. Currently John Ballard of Ballards Custom Saddlery hand crafts all the leather pouches and strops for Bell and Hat. At Ely Knives and Silver the Straight Razors are born. From entry level to high end Damascus, we offer some of the finest razors made in the USA.  Somewhat of a lost art, the craft of making and shaving with a straight edge razor is on the rise today, bringing us back to a simpler time when a man could take some time for his personal grooming. And, if you are intimidated by the challenge maybe you just want to add one of these artistic pieces as a collector. Sure to grow in value, Each Razor is numbered and catalogued with a number and etched with the Bell and Hat Logo and Ely Knives and Silver is also identified as the maker.


The craft of making straight edge razors has been all but lost over recent history. After 2 years of taking my knife making skills to the next level, and going through the learning curves that presented themselves, the very finest razors are crafted.  Bell and Hat razors are now being offered on line and from the store, Straight Razor Designs, in Medina, Ohio. Side by side, with some of the best makers around the world, Bell and Hat is making its presence known.


From less expensive micarta  to the most brilliant exotic materials sourced from around the world, Bell and Hat has, or can create a handle that you desire. Handles start as a block of wood or a chunk of horn and are cut and sculpted into a beautiful handle. Maybe it’s a stabilized wood burl, or a stag handled razor. If we don’t have it we can make it. Contact us to order something you don’t see on the website or in the Store at Straight Razor Designs.


Each blade starts out as a flat bar, is rough cut with a  water jet and then fully annealed before the process ever begins.  All the design takes place one at a time. The blade is profiled and an initial grind is done. Filing for decoration, and a finger hold is added to the bottom of the razor. After several steps of heat treating, the blade is ground and finished. The razor is sharpened and completed. Each step is meticulously done, giving attention to every detail until the final product is complete.

What people are saying about Bell and hat razors

"First, the razor is gorgeous, great fit and finish and I am happy I purchased it. It has turned out to shave well. The beastly part is that the blade was so dull that I couldn't shave chocolate with it much less my beard! It took me a week of working an hour a night to get the thing honed to where it would shave arm hair, then another week to get it in shape to shave my heavy beard; however, once sharp it holds an edge well and does a great job. Tried posting a review earlier but it didn't go through - I had initially thought of 5 stars just because it is a work of art, but at $495 it should have been reasonably sharp. Thought of returning it but hate doing so and decided to stick with it. Overall glad I did as it stands out in the collection of 60 straights and yells, ' look at me!' Buy it if you know a honemeister or have a shelf full of hones and a lot of patience, otherwise you will be mad."

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