Barnside Bracelets

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I really like using old materials to create a rustic looking piece of jewelry. Barnside bracelets are made from copper sheet which is wrapped around an old piece of reclaimed tin from my farm. Sometimes the tin almost appears new while at other times rust accents the piece. I coat the bracelet which makes colors pop out and prevents the copper from staining your skin.  No two bracelets are the same! Each is its own unique piece! A name plate may be added (up to 8 characters) for an additional fee. The bracelets are around 1.5 inches wide and come in small and large sizes.

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Copper Earrings


cross necklace



These sterling silver cross necklaces are approximately 1.5 inches tall and include a sterling silver chain 18 inches long. I have had customers buy these for the sole purpose of giving them to a friend or relative going through a difficult time in life or sharing them as a gift between sisters or friends. They are an affordable piece of simple and yet elegant jewelry!

Sterling Earrings


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